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From the Bookshelf

I'm working on some tutorials for you, and let me tell you, my house smells heavenly.  The tutorials aren't ready yet, so how about a little book review for you?

When it comes to managing our homes, many of us received little or no training.  I find that sad, because whether we have children or not, and even whether we have husbands or not, most of us will have a home.  It's a pity that we spend so little time learning how to manage one.

I've long thought that if you wanted to learn how to do something well, you should learn from someone who does a whole lot of it.  When it comes to home management, moms of 8 or more children really do a lot of it.  And those that can manage their homes well with that many kids should write a book for the rest of us, so we can peak into their homes and learn how they do it.  Oh, wait, this mom did!

I mean, just look at the title.  Large Family Logistics -- The Art and Science of Managing the Large Family.  Doesn't that about say it all?  There truly is and art and science to managing our homes, and this book covers nearly everything you might encounter.  Kim Brenneman covers everything from laundry and cleaning to gardening and tea parties.  She has a system for all the areas that seem to descend into chaos, and even has a bail out system to take you from being exhausted and overwhelmed to being a wise woman who is on top of her day.

While I don't always use every idea in this book, and don't agree with everything in it, there are so many ideas, and so much wisdom here that the book is worth every penny I spent on it.  And don't think you have to have a lot of kids to benefit from this book.  You don't need any kids to glean from her methods.  Although, if you don't have little ones, you might not need her section on how to get a bath when everyone crowds around the door calling your name.

You can get your copy here.




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