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Build a Fruit Fly Trap


Maybe you have a pristine home that no bug would ever dare enter.  You probably also have pure white carpet and couches.  And a tiny dog with ribbons in its hair.  Or maybe not...

Perhaps you, like me, cart those lovely fruit flies into your home on the fruit you buy.  It seems like they magically appear this time of year and they are annoying.  Have no fear.  Help is on the way with this easy trick that actually works.  I have been using this for years.

What You Will Need:
A cup, mug or ramekin
Apple Cider Vinegar
Plastic wrap
Something to poke holes with, I use a chopstick

How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap:
This is so easy.  Just pour a 1/2 - 1 inch Apple Cider Vinegar into the ramekin.  Cover tightly with plastic wrap and poke holes into the plastic wrap.  You want the holes to be large enough for the little flies to crawl through, but not gaping.  Place your trap near your fruit bowl for the quickest results.  Throw out the old Apple Cider Vinegar every 2-3 days and replace with fresh.

Why it Works:
The flies are attracted to Apple Cider Vinegar in the same way they are attracted to decaying fruit, so it works like bait.  Fruit flies aren't the smartest creatures on the planet.  They crawl over the outside of the dish (which they think is a very oddly shaped fruit) until they find the holes.  Then they crawl inside.  Once they get inside, they aren't able to find their way back out before drowning.  If I bring in fruit flies, I can set one of these out in the evening and easily catch 15-20 overnight (more if I have a large outbreak, but I start trapping before we get there).

Have a great, fruit fly free day!


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