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How to Infuse Vinegar with Herbs


If you thought yesterday's post was easy, then hold on to your feather-dusters, because today's project is even easier!  Today we are making Herb-Infused Vinegar for use in the All-Natural Toner.  Close your eyes, because this one is so easy, you won't even need to look.

What You Will Need:
Herb(s) of Choice -- Click here for information on some great herbs to try
Apple Cider Vinegar -- Check ingredient list to make sure it isn't just flavored white vinegar.  It should    just say "Apple Cider Vinegar".
Jar with Lid

First, choose your herb(s).  You can use a single herb or a blend.  Click here for a post containing information about herbs used in skin care and for a recipe for my Healing Facial Herb Blend.

Fill your jar 2/3 full with your herbs.

Pour Apple Cider Vinegar over the herbs, leaving about 1/2 inch headspace.  Screw on the lid.  Shake the mixture.  That's it.  Done.  Label with the date, contents and intended use.  Place in a cool, dark cupboard for 6 weeks, shaking every few days (I routinely forget this step and it still turns out great, so don't sweat it.)

After 6 weeks, or when you are ready to use the Herb-Infused Vinegar, strain out the herbs with a wire mesh strainer or cheesecloth, squeezing to get all the vinegar.  Store in a cool, dark place or use to make  All-Natural Toner.  Look at you!  You are making your own skin care products that are healthy for your skin and your wallet.  Awesomeness!!

Have a Great Day!



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