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Running Tip of the Day...


I was wondering why I wasn't progressing as quickly as I would like in my morning runs.  It just seemed like my endurance was building a lot more slowly than it should.  So finally, I googled it.  Because that is what we Americans do when we don't know something.  I typed "When does running get easier?"  The response I got amazed me.  As I read through blogs, articles and running forums the answer was clear.  If it isn't getting easier, you are running too fast.

What?  Too fast?  I thought I was supposed to RUN.  Like the wind.  Fast and furious.  But these people who were telling me to slow down were experienced runners.  They were 1/2 marathon and marathon runners, triathlon runners, people who run 10 or more miles a day. They know what they are talking about.  I decided I would do my run this morning, but I would slow it down.

I cut my speed about in half.  The fact that I could cut my speed in half with out slowing down to a walk should tell you something about how fast I was running.  But then, the only previous running experience I have was when I was a kid.  And kids run wide open.

My results?  I pulled off my run with relative ease.  I could have gone further.  It was actually enjoyable.  I looked at the scenery as I ran by.  It didn't take all my concentration just to keep breathing and not pass out.

So my Running Tip of the Day:  
You don't have to run like someone is chasing you for it to qualify as a run.

Unless of course, someone is chasing you.  In that case, you should go ahead and run wide open.  And use your cell phone to call for reinforcements.


If you are a runner, do you run wide open?  Or do you pace yourself?  Do you run "ladders"? Or do you just go with what your body is telling you?  Leave a comment and help out a beginner.

Have a great day!



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