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Blast Away Ugly Toilet Stains


I have a confession to make.

I have been living with the most unsightly toilet stains in a couple of our toilets.  It was an ugly relationship.  It was time to break up.

Don't get me wrong -- I had tried to break up before.  But the Ugly Stains just wouldn't take a hint.  It held fast to my toilets in spite of the fact that I had tried every cleaner in our house.  It stayed around even though I abused it with the terrible force of all my scrubbing muscle.  It just. wouldn't. leave.

It was time to do something fearsome.  This was no time for all-natural gentleness.  No.  We had come to blows.  It was time for chemical warfare.

It was time for CLR.

If you, too, need to break up with your toilet stains, let me suggest bringing CLR to your rescue.  This is what I did:

I emptied out as much water as I could, so that the CLR wouldn't be diluted.  (You can turn off the water at the back of the toilet and then flush until it stops filling, or you can just get a flexible used yogurt container and a bucket and scoop it out.  That's what I did.)

Pour enough CLR in there to cover your stains.  Let it sit about 12-24 hours.  If this is your only toilet, I suggest couch surfing for the night.  Otherwise, you will need to either have really understanding neighbors or a really understanding tree.  Fortunately for us, we have a lot of bathrooms, so no worries.

When you are ready to see your toilet gleam again, grab your handy dandy toilet scrubber and scrub it out as usual.  That is all it took for our toilets.  No elbow grease required.  Now why didn't I try that before?

Have a great day!!



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