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Homemade Pomander Balls


Yesterday I gave you a recipe for our Cinnamon Ornaments.  Today, I'll show you another project our family makes nearly every year -- Pomander Balls.  As these hang and dry, they release a wonderful scent of oranges and cloves.  What could be better?  As with the last project, the kids can get creative.  It doesn't really matter how they stick the cloves in -- they don't even have to make a design.  It will still smell great!
A Pomander World...
All you need to do this project is citrus (we used oranges, but any citrus will work), Whole cloves (I got mine from Bulk Herb Store, but you can look for cheap ones at a dollar store, etc.), a nail and some ribbon.

To make these, just use the nail to make a small hole in the citrus rind, then press a clove into the hole.  That's it.  Just keep putting cloves in until it looks the way you want it.  I usually pretty much cover the fruit with cloves, but my older kids like to make designs or phrases.  Rocket Boy likes to put his name on at least one of them.  Our two year old likes to eat the fruit and skip the cloves all together.  Whatever works.

When you have it the way you want it, just tie ribbon or twine around it like you would tie a present.  Pull it tight and make a knot (the fruit will shrink as it dries.)  Make a loop with the remaining ribbon and knot again -- this will make a loop for hanging.  Done.  Hang it somewhere and enjoy looking at your pretty, festive room freshener.  Life is good.

Have a great day!



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