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Super Cheap, Easy Christmas Trees


Howdy.  Are you ready for more of my homemade Christmas?  I hope so, because that's all I've got today.

This time, we are making super easy, super cheap Christmas trees for my super narrow mantle.

If you want to make some, all you need is heavy paper (card stock, poster board, empty cereal boxes or whatever.  I used some of  May-May's quite heavy art papers), a glue gun, and trims of your choice.  Paint is optional.

Wrap your paper into cones.  Hot glue in place and trim the bottom evenly so that your tree will stand.  We wouldn't want any wobbly Christmas trees.  It would make the season so... unstable.

I chose to paint my trees first -- that way there wouldn't be any white peeking through. 
 This is totally optional, though.

Select your trims.  I used red tinsel and a glittery red ribbon.

Here are the finished trees:

For the tinsel trees, I just wrapped the trees with tinsel, hot glueing as I went.  Couldn't be simpler.  The  ruffle ribbon tree was slightly more tricky.  I "gathered" the upper edge of the ribbon as I hot glued it to the tree cone.  And I have the hot glue burns to prove it.  An easier way, in retrospect, would have been to first gather the ribbon with a sewing machine or needle and thread, then hot glue it to the tree. Live and learn.

Some other ideas would be to hot glue burlap, or buttons, or rhinestones -- really anything you like.

There you have it.  Another almost free Christmas project. 

By the way, I made the stockings last year using this tutorial.  I altered the pattern to make the stockings bigger and wider, because my kids like lots of stuff.  My sewing machine has a monogramming feature, so it was easy to put the kids' names on them.

Have a great day!



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