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Make Your Own All-Natural Perfume


"Why on earth would anyone want to make their own perfume?", you ask.  Hmmm....well, maybe you want to avoid all the weird chemicals in regular perfumes.  Or maybe you have an allergic reaction to the regular stuff (some folks get headaches, etc).  Or maybe your 2 year-old had a climbing adventure while you were getting ready for church on Sunday morning.  Maybe she climbed up your bathroom shelves and toppled them over on herself.  Maybe she wasn't hurt, but she managed to break nearly every single bottle you own and rendered you perfumeless in seconds.  Not that I would know anything about that....  (By the way, breaking that much perfume and essential oils onto the floor will make your nose and eyes hurt while you clean it up, but your house will smell wonderful for days.)

Should you ever find yourself wanting to make your own perfume, you can try this recipe for Blossom Wood Mist.  I didn't have most of the Essential Oils for that recipe (I don't want to talk about it.  I am still in mourning...)  Instead, I used that recipe as a guide and used what I still had.  Here is the recipe I used:

All-Natural Perfume
2 oz. water
1.25 oz.  Witch Hazel Extract
Essential Oils of Choice.  I didn't measure exactly -- I just made it smell good.  I used about 12 drops Ylang Ylang EO, 12 drops Jasmine EO and about 7 drops Lavender EO.

This makes a light scent, similar to an after bath splash.  You could pour it into a bottle and use like a splash, or put it into a spray bottle.  Or you could scout your local antique store for one of these little beauties:

And don't worry about my toddler.  Every time she sees those shelves now she says, "I no climb da shef."  I think she learned her lesson.  Maybe I need to take her to a rock climbing wall or something...

Have a great day!


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