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Organizing Your Home -- The Kids' Rooms


You wanna know the number one tip for organizing kids' rooms?  Alright, here it is:

It has to be at least as easy to put away as it was to get out.

I feel like there should be some fan fare or something.  Where are the ticker tape parades when you need them?  By the way, this rule works for adults, too.  If something is difficult to put away, people will always find a way to procrastinate.  "I'm in a hurry right now.  I'll take care of that when I get home."  Etc., etc.  The problem is, when we get home, we are tired and tell ourselves we will put things away in the morning, and on it goes.  If you can find a way to make putting things away as instinctive as possible, you will go a long, long way toward having a consistently organized home.

In all fairness, you cannot expect your 5 year old to hang up their clothes when the closet rod is 4 feet out of their reach.  If they have to sort the Legos by color, it is just too overwhelming for them.  It has to be easy if you really what them to take responsibility for it.

There are probably a gazillion ways to make organization easy on your kiddos.  There is no end to the amount of money you can spend on organizational products, but just in case you are looking for a quick, cheap fix, I'm here to help.

The rack in the above picture is located in my boys' room.  It houses the toys of 2 boys -- both of whom have formed an emotional bond with every single toy they have ever owned.  Most of their toys involve lots and lots of tiny little pieces.  They have legos and erector sets, marble runs and nerf guns.  They even have a spot for all those extra special fast food kid meal toys from when they were 3 years old.  Do you think they will be worth something someday?...  (When they leave home, I am so making them take those silly things with them.)

The shelves we used are just those wire racks you sometimes see in gyms.  You can build them in multiple configurations.  It looks like the price has gone up, but we got ours here.  We put 3 of them together.  Right now, we are just using banker boxes for containers.  They are super cheap compared to some of the other options and they fit the racks perfectly.  Eventually I would like to either cover these boxes or do something amazing that will astound my friends and take pinterest by storm.  For now, I am just happy that the toys stay organized without my help.

All we did was organize the toys by kind, label the banker box, fill it with the appropriate toys and pop it on the shelf.  Heavier boxes went on the lowest shelves, with lighter boxes on the upper shelves.  Easy Peasy.

We have similar racks in my artistic teenage daughter's room, with banker boxes that unfortunately still need to be covered with fabric.  In her boxes, she stores craft supplies, etc.  Everything is easy to find and neatly contained.

By the way, this system has worked in our home for a couple years now.  It is so ridiculously simple that I am embarrassed it took me so long to do it.  It helps that most of my kids are older and more able to put things away, but even my toddler knows how the system works.

And now, I've gotta dash.  I have a houseful of teenage girls heading this way and I need to make them something to eat.  Have a great day!



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