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A (rare) Day in the Life...


My oldest daughter is 15.  It's an awesome age, and I couldn't ask for better, but one thing was lacking. Somehow, in 15 years, she and I had never gone shopping without someone else along.  It was never just the two of us.  It's one of the pitfalls of being a homeschooling, blogging, do-everything-from-scratch pastor's wife.  You just stay so busy that when you look up at the clock years have passed.  Somehow, we had never arranged a "Just Us, Just For Fun" shopping trip.  
We changed that this weekend.

We shopped.  We were silly.  We poked fun at outrageous things.  
We talked and we didn't even get interrupted.
Even the weather cooperated -- it was beautiful!
We will have to do this again soon.

However, certain little princesses weren't exactly sure why they weren't invited...

All in all, it was a great weekend.

Have a great day and enjoy your family!



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