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More Once a Month Cooking...


Do you remember my recent posts about once a month freezer cooking?  It is a system in which you cook enough meals in one day to feed your family a whole month of entrees.  Well, I still haven't planned out my Big Cooking Day.  I am trying to schedule in the time to have my cook-a-thon.  Cooking this way takes a chunk of time initially, but it more than makes up for it in time savings and ease later.  I already know the benefits, so I simply must get going on it again.

I have been browsing around over at Once A Month Mom and kind of day dreaming.  Once a Month Mom offers fully planned, customizable freezer menu plans -- new each month.  They do pretty much all the planning work for you.  You just have to decide how many people you will feed.  The really cool thing is that they offer multiple different kinds of freezer menu plans each month.  They even have a Whole Foods plan (squeal!) a Gluten-Free plan, and other special diet plans.  So I'm over there drooling, when one of the blogs I follow publishes a post about Once a Month Mom.  What timing!!

100 Days of Real Food actually tried the Whole Foods meal plan out (They had never done a freezer cooking session before.  They survived.  Told You.)  They give all the details and the story of their experience here.  Just wanted you to know.  I'm going back over to Once a Month Mom now to finish my day dream.  Do you suppose they will come up with a membership plan that actually does the cooking for you?  'Cuz if they do, I am all over it.

Do you freezer cook?  Do you subscribe to a meal planner?  If you do, we would love to hear about it.  Leave a comment and tell us about it!

Have a Great Day!



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