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My Over-the-Top Easter Hat

It's Easter.  That calls for something special, right?  Last Easter, a bunch of the ladies at church decided to have some fun and wear hats.  You might remember my very first post, where I showed some of us.  That's me sitting in the middle holding the baby.

And here is last year's hat.  I just purchased a white hat and made some fabric flowers to deck it out:

This year, we decided to wear hats again -- because it's just fun.  You should totally try it.  I mean, unless you're invited to the Kentucky Derby, where else can you where a completely ridiculous hat?

So I needed a hat again.  I decided to rip apart last year's hat and rework it.  I pulled off the ribbon and fabric flowers.  Then I hot glued a new olive ribbon to the brim.

 I hot glued some huge flowers on there to match my Easter outfit.  I added a big pink feather for added Kentucky Derby flair:

Here I am trying on my ridiculous hat -- because we should live a little:

 It only took me, maybe 30 minutes, start to finish.

 I'll try to post a picture of me wearing it on Easter Sunday.

Have a fun, ridiculous day!!



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