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Easter Photos -- reader beware!!

I promised you a photo of my ridiculous Easter outfit.  Then, not being a big fan of pictures of myself,  I regretted it.  I will be a person of my word, though and post away.  Consider this fair warning and feel free to skip this post.  I will be back with something far more interesting next time -- promise!

My Lovely Family -- all decked out for Easter.

The Hubster and I.

To add to the ridiculous-ness of the outfit and hat,  here I am trying to teach a serious subject in Prayer School all while trying not to step  on "hidden eggs" and looking like I should be headed for High Tea with Alice in Wonderland.  I had to ditch the gloves, because it is impossible to find scriptures with those things on.
 Just saying.

Our Easter Table, set the night before.

Our Make-Ahead Easter Dinner.
 A funny little side story:  I had turned the ham on "high" to knock the chill off.  I had full intentions of turning it to "warm" before we left for church, but as these things sometimes go, I forgot.  So while I was teaching in Prayer School and side stepping the Children's Easter Egg Hunt eggs, the Hubster was rushing home to turn down the ham and save our Easter Dinner.  Somebody get that man a super-hero cape!!

Just in case you think everything is all soft, peaceful music and flowers at our house, here is somebody's dinner -- on the floor.  Now who could have done such a thing to my beautiful food?

That's right, folks.  It was our lovely, usually graceful May-May.  Oops.

And here is our usual suspect.  He looks surprised that it wasn't him this time...

Pickle Mickle has decided Easter Sunday is pretty great and should happen more often.

Hope you guys had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!  I'll be back soon with something.  I don't know exactly what, yet, but I'm sure you won't want to miss it!  Have a great day,



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