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A Tutorial By My Husband...Sort of...

I hope you guys are having a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.  I am using my day off to work on a few tutorials for you, but they aren't quite ready.  That's okay, though, because my husband came to the rescue with a tutorial for you.  Well, kind of.

The Ugly Stick Man.

The Sweet Gum Trees in our area have dropped these cool spikey seed balls.  So as we were walking to our car yesterday after dinner out, my husband picked some up and started poking around on them -- "Making things..."  Do you think he's making fun of me?

He started pushing sticks into the sweet gum ball holes until it began to resemble a man. 
 A stick man. 

 A really ugly stick man.

 Ta-Da!  Behold the Ugly Stick Man.  He's so ugly, you can see my toddler running away in the backround.

If some strange mood should strike you and you decide to make this stick man, I highly recommend using some glue.  Our little ugly man kept losing body parts.  First a leg, then an arm, then a head.  It was very unfortunate.  In fact, I think he got a little depressed.

He climbed up this really tall tree.

No!  Don't do it Ugly Stick Man!!  But it was too late.

And there lies Stick Man.  It was a short life and fraught with difficulty.  Sniff.

I definitely think my husband is making fun of me.  

Now I need to make you guys a tutorial just to make up for this one.  Thanks for your help, honey...

Have a great day!!  (Whatever's happening, it can't be as bad as Ugly Stick Man.)



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