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My Life With My Toddler...

I am busy working on a neat-o tutorial for you.  Hopefully I will have it ready to release later this week, but I thought I would tide you over with a little glimpse into my life with my toddler.

Earlier today, my little princess decided she needed to wear an apron.  It was imperative.  It seems the princess was going to mingle with the little people of the house by working in the kitchen.  Once we had her apron-ified, she needed to have her picture taken.  After all, the paparazzi must be on hand to document such a momentous occasion.  (Have I mentioned that Pickle Mickle can be a bit of an actress?)

As soon as I had the camera in hand, the princess began to pose.  I will add my interpretation for your viewing pleasure.

Behold, the princess in her commoner attire:

Hmmm... What amazing food shall the princess make for her minions today? 

I have an idea!

It will be fabulous!!

My subjects will like it or they will be thrown into the dungeon!

Admit it.  My food is the best imaginary food you've ever tasted, isn't it?

I have no idea what she was actually thinking, but this is probably pretty close.  There's never a dull moment around here.  Which is why your tutorial won't be ready until later this week.  ;)

Have a great day!!



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