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Sue Gregg's Cinnamon Scones


I could absolutely inhale these Cinnamon Scones if I let myself.  They are the most luscious scones I have ever eaten.  And with Sue Gregg's 2 step method, you can start them the night before and quickly finish them in the morning for breakfast.  If you don't want to wait, just skip the soaking time and go straight to step 2.  I promise not to tell.  That kind of thing happens more that I care to admit at my house.  Either way you make them, what could be better than piping hot Scones and a cup of steaming tea?

I'll tell you what's better.  Piping hot scones made by my teenage daughter -- who even garnishes AND cleans up after herself.  A-maz-ing!

Here's a link to the recipe from Sue Gregg, so you can enjoy this kind of bliss at your house, too.  Just don't hog them all.  Alternatively, you could get up early, bake them, eat them all and destroy the evidence.  No one will ever know.  When your family asks what that amazing smell is that's coming from the kitchen, just smile and shrug.  Try not to lick your lips when you do.

Have a great day!



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