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All Work and No Play...

Just in case you read my recent chore post and think that it is all work and no play at our house, here are some pictures from our weekend.  My sons have struck again...

What do you get when you mix 2 boys, a toddler, 
a hose and half a bottle of dishwashing liquid?

Why, you get a Sea of Bubbles, of course.

Honestly, I didn't realize what they were up to.  I had asked the boys to entertain Pickle-Mickle for a bit while I did the dinner dishes.  I came to check on them about 15 minutes later and found The Sea of Bubbles.  I suppose I should have scolded them for wastefulness or something, but being the kind of person that is often struck by the ridiculous, I laughed and grabbed my camera instead.  It could have been worse.  They could have been fighting or something.  They showed creativity, right?

Look!  They did bubble tricks.

They even managed to grow a bunny tail on my toddler.  Now that's talent.

And here is the REAL way they made all those bubbles... 
(It's a Rocket-Boy Bubble Machine.  I don't know where they get this stuff.  I have to take pictures or no one would believe me.)

Pickle-Mickle was pretty much thrilled.

Sigh...  I suppose I should balance this with a post on Child Discipline, shouldn't I?  I don't let them run wild.  Really.  I don't.

Have fun!



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