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Dresser Before & After

Our "new" school supplies organizer.
Notice our Chore Boards on the wall?  Yippee for me!

 My brood of little ducklings contains an artist, a mechanical designer, a preschooler and one child who thinks writing utensils are evil.  I'm still trying to convince him that I don't make him practice handwriting to punish him.  Anyway, we use a lot of paper, pencils, paint, glue and the like around here.

We had run out of room for our school supplies, so I have been stashing little bunches of supplies all around our living room.  My poor kids had to make a loop around the room every time they needed supplies for a project.

I wanted things to be different for them when school starts back this year, but I didn't want to spend any actual money to make it different.  
I wanted my organizational wonder to cost me under $50. 
Funny me.

Have you seen the prices for organizational units?  Especially if you actually want it big enough to put anything in?  So I started scouting around to see if we had anything I could repurpose around here.  This house had been used entirely as a vacation home before we bought it.  When the former owners left, they left the house full of furniture.  Before you get too excited for me, it was all pretty much mismatched cheap stuff.  We had to move them out before we could move us in.  Please God, the next time someone leaves us a house full of furniture, I really want them to be antiques collectors...

We got rid of most of what they left behind, but we kept a few pieces to use as storage in our shed -- except that we never actually got around to putting anything it them.  Score!

 I (ahem, my husband) braved the army of brown recluses and snakes (okay, we didn't actually see any, but we could have.  It might have been dangerous.)  We carried the chosen vessel to it's make-over spot and I got to work. 


 It really didn't take long.  I spent an afternoon on it.  Totally worth it, IMO.


Total price for the paint, polyurethane and the cool new knobs?  About $30.
Organization?  Priceless.

Have a great day!



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