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Laundry -- Bringing Back the White


Some time ago, another blogger posted a recipe for getting whites, well, white.  I immediately bookmarked the page because we have a little problem around here.  Our water is very hard, with who knows what minerals in it.  No matter what laundry soap I use, our whites look dingy.  I aways cringe when I buy a new white shirt, because I know it will look old and yucky in just a few washes.  I know I should be better about keeping our whites white, but I get so busy with other things that my laundry gets sadly neglected.  It's clean.  But it's dingy.

So I bookmarked Jillee's post and decided to try her method.  You can find it here.

I gathered up all the former whites in our home.  They overflowed a bathtub.  It was three very full washer loads of Dingy.  I was ashamed.  I should have been maintaining our whites all along.  But never fear.  I was going to remedy my wrongs and restore whiteness to our home.

Because I had so much laundry, I put everything in the bathtub and tripled Jillee's recipe, then I let it soak overnight.  I should have done it in batches.  The tub was so full that the clothes couldn't move around, so they ended up looking like some sort of weird white and dingy tie-dye.  They were white where the solution got to them and dingy where it didn't.  Sigh.  So I put a load in the washer, dumped whole bunch of bleach in there and set my washer to the "sanitary" setting with the "soak" option.  Now they are white all over, instead of just in spots.

So did Jillee's recipe work?  Yes.  But so did soaking them in bleach water with a super hot washer setting.  I would have to do side by side tests to see which worked better.  I'm just happy to see white again.  I don't really care how we got there.

Have a great (white) day!



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