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My Life with Boys...


Meet Li'l Miss Sunshine.  
Yes.  That's her real name.  

My boys got her in a happy meal back when they were small enough for a happy meal to satisfy their appetites.  That was a long time ago.  We never could figure out why they got Li'l Miss Sunshine, but needless to say, they were appalled.  It became the family joke.  Of course, Rocket Boy wanted to blow her up, because that's pretty much his response to everything he doesn't have a purpose for.  He wanted to blow up my cosmetics the other day.  He couldn't see any real purpose for them, and the ingredients list looked promising.  I didn't let him.  But back to Li'l Miss Sunshine...

Rocket Boy was way too young in those days for me to let him anywhere near anything resembling a flame.  He was just too fascinated to be trusted.  But he is much older now, and our area allows firecrackers around July 4th.  Somehow this July 4th, from the depths of Useless Toy Oblivion, my boys found Li'l Miss Sunshine.  

I am about to tell you the sad fate of Li'l Miss Sunshine.

First, my boys rigged her up with a little fire power.

She proved to be made of sturdier stuff than my boys thought.
She handled the first few firecracker blasts with a great big smile and hardly a scratch. 
 She did, however, end up in this tree:

She is the yellow dot right in the center of the picture.  It took the help of the Dadster to get her down.  But even after her tree adventure, she was still in one piece and still smiling.  
Now my boys were determined.

They would find a way to destroy her annoyingly sunshiny, ever smiling face.

Or not.

Here she is in pieces.
And still smiling.

It's proof that you can't keep a good...er...annoying plastic toy...down.

Li'l Miss Sunshine has retired to spend the rest of her days smiling in a landfill somewhere.

Have a great day!



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