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Back in the Swing of Things

It has been a bit of a mad scramble around here lately.  I finished my school planning just a few days before we took off for our family vacation.  We don't stay in the Hilton.  Don't get me wrong.  I wouldn't mind staying in a luxury beach hotel.  It's just that they don't like it when you stuff 6 people in one room, so they make you get multiple rooms.  And beach front hotels can be a leetle spendy.

So immediately after finishing up the year's school prep, I did another mad scramble to pack all the piles of stuff needed for nearly 2 weeks of camping on the beach.  And I mean ON the beach.

Our luxury beachfront retreat.

Mid-packing-scramble, we were also doing some things with our church building that involved tons of meetings, decisions, and a lovely little rezoning issue that put us in a flood plain.  Not a big deal unless you have to actually foot the bill for the required flood insurance.  Yowzas!  The Lord helped us though, and our building survey proved we were not actually in the FEMA flood plain after all.  No flood insurance required!! Yippee!  So we got school ready to begin, got packed up, got through the majority of the building requirements and still managed to scoot out of town for our family vacation.

After some fun in the sun and a few adventures, we started the drive home on Friday morning, arrived home around midnight on Saturday night, and still had to get ourselves together for services on Sunday morning.  Oh, and then our first day of school was Monday morning.  We somehow managed to survive the crazy schedule, but I am still buried somewhere under Mt. Laundry-more.  And Mt. Sand-more.  Do you have any idea how much sand you carry home when you camp right on the beach?  With 6 people?  I'll give you a hint.  It's A LOT.

I'm sure that I will come up for air soon, and when I do, I will try to write something fabulous (snicker).  Maybe I'll even tell you a little bit about our beach camping adventures.  Until then, just picture me tackling the laundry dragon.  Hi-Ya!!

Have a great day!



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