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11 Things You Never Needed to Know About Me


I suddenly realized that I have never made a real About Me page for my blog, and that maybe I should.  But then I sat and looked at a blank page for about an hour.  I couldn't think of a single interesting thing to say about myself.  So I scrapped that idea and decided to tell you some totally pointless things about myself.  Without further ado, here are 11 things you never needed to know about me:

1.  I am the mother of the CEO of AZCO Root Beer Company.  At least my 10 year-old son thinks so.  He got a Homemade Root Beer Kit for his birthday.  It is brewing on the kitchen counter as we speak. He named his new "company" AZCO -- for absolutely no coherent reason.  Do you think he will charge us for helping him drink it?

2.  My perfect summer day would involve sitting under a shade tree with a good book and a cup of tea.

3.  My perfect winter day would involve sitting by the fire with a good book and a cup of tea.

4.  I almost never have a perfect day.

5.  I don't sleep enough and that makes me do weird things.

6.  Like writing this About Page.

7.  I don't actually like to cook most of the time.  I realized early in marriage that I was going to spend a lot of my life cooking, so I had better learn to do it well.  I began to study it like a science.  Now I can whip out a mean meal for a crowd without breaking a sweat, all while pretending I'm doing something else.

8.  On the rare occasion that I am alone for a day, I tend to nearly starve.  I won't cook for myself and since we don't keep convenience foods in the house, I go hungry.

9.  Once upon a time, I used to paint (pictures, not houses).

10.  In my secret dream life, I want to own chickens and a dairy cow.  Except that I don't actually want to clean the coop or milk the cow.

11.  I also want an organic farm, but I don't want to weed it.  Or harvest it.  I just want to eat it -- the whole farm.  (I'm hungry.  See #8)

So now you know.  Is there anything else you want to know?  Maybe you can help me write a proper About Page.

Have a great day!



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