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Dishwashers are Weird.


I like to do a lot of my Thanksgiving cooking ahead of time, so I have been busy cooking up a storm.  I guess my dishwasher didn't like the added work load so much.  It took one look at the stack of dishes and decided no one was going to treat it that way.  A dishwasher has its rights, after all, and I was clearly treading on those rights.  How dare I ask a dishwasher to wash dishes day in and day out with barely any rest?  Who did I think I was, anyway?  So it quit the job.  Well, sort of.

You see, dishwashers are a weird breed, and mine was no different than others of that sort.  So first it completely quit.  I spent some time cleaning all the filters and the like and then I begged it to keep working for me.  But no.  It was offended.  All it would do is click at me.

Finally, I gave up trying, shut the dishwasher door and hand washed about 2 loads worth of dishes.  Then I started cooking dinner.

I guess dishwashers don't particularly like being ignored.  In the middle of my Stir Fry, my very weird dishwasher spontaneously started working.  Of course, it had no dishes in it.  Just the way dishwashers like it.  I told you dishwashers were weird.

After dinner, I cautiously loaded more dishes in the dishwasher -- being very careful not to offend it any further.  It reluctantly began to wash, but it complained the entire time.  It croaked and groaned through the cycle, then handed me the clean dishes with an attitude.  Sigh...  Dishwashers like to hold a grudge, too.

But my wonderful hubby decided not to wait for our wayward dishwasher to walk off the job during the Thanksgiving holiday.  He fired it.

That's right, folks.  He hired a bright, eager young dishwasher full of energy and excitement.  It can't wait to get started with its first job.  Mr. Man is installing it right now and we will have it working for us very soon.

To be fair, our last dishwasher was getting on in years, and we work our dishwashers hard around here.  Maybe it had a good reason to cop an attitude with us.  I hope it enjoys its retirement.  And I hope our fresh young dishwasher behaves better than the last one.

Have a great day!



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