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Snow Ice Cream Recipe!


We don't get a lot of snow where we live, so we get pretty excited about it when it finally comes.  Back when we were pastoring in Iowa, we got plenty of snow.   It was a normal part of winter.  Life just goes on there as though nothing happened.  You'd think it was balmy summer weather all winter long.  Nothing stops a northerner.  But here?  We drop everything.  'Cuz we're southerners.

We believe in making snow an event.
At our house, we are celebrating our snow by making Snow Ice Cream!

If you want to celebrate, too, start by grabbing an unsuspecting victim...er...teenager...
Send her out in the cold to gather some clean snow.  (You want to avoid snow that is, well...yellow.  I'll leave you to figure out why...)

Tell her to get a big bowlful.
You can thaw her hands out afterwards.
(Awww...she looks cold.)

You will need:
A bowlful of snow (about a gallon)
1 tsp real vanilla
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup half & half or milk (I used 1/2 cup cream and 1/2 cup milk)

Stir the sugar and vanilla into the milk/cream.

Slowly pour the milk mixture into the snow and stir.

Once it's all mixed in (the snow will compact a lot), grab some bowls and serve your kids.  
Prepare to be adored...

 Have a great day and stay warm!



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