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The Bestest Hot Cocoa Ever!


Are you ready for Christmas?  I thought I was, until I realized the package I thought was just late in arriving had actually never been ordered.  (!?!)  There must have been a glitch when I was doing my online Christmas orders, because there is no record I ever ordered it.  Sigh...  So we have been scrambling around today trying to make sure everyone has what they want under the tree on Christmas morning.

But that's okay, because we have the recipe for the Bestest Hot Cocoa Ever.  Period.  And knowing we have a national secret in our very own house makes the little trials of the season easier to bear.  And lucky you!  I'm feeling all generous today (must be the Christmas spirit) and I'm going to give you the recipe!

The Bestest Hot Cocoa Ever!

(This makes enough to fill a pint jar.  You can layer it in the jar, or just mix it all up and put it in the jar. Or you can use it all at once to feed hot cocoa to your chilly neighbors and instantly become the coolest mom on the block.)

1 cup dry milk
1/4 cup cocoa
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup non-dairy creamer
dash sea salt
mini marshmallows to fill the rest of the jar
optional:  mini chocolate chips (if you have room in the jar and you're feeling chocolatey)

To use:
If you layered the mix in your jar, you will need to blend it all together.  Put 3-4 TBSP in your favorite mug.  Fill your mug with hot water or milk (Milk!  Definitely milk!!)  Stir.  Sip slowly.  Pour another cup.  And another...

Stay warm and have a great day!



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