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Easter Round-Up

I'm a big advocate of not fixing what isn't broken, and our Easter plan from last year isn't broken.  It worked so beautifully for our crazy ministry schedule last year that I don't plan to change it much this year.

What?  You don't remember what my family did last year?  Amazing.  But that's okay.  I forgive you.  And I'll even provide the links in case you want to try our Make-Ahead Easter Menu or get a peek into how we combine ministry, long hours, living out of town, and a holiday into something that actually works.  And if you're looking for a new twist on the annual Easter Egg Hunt, there's a link for that, too.

Enjoy!  And have a great Easter holiday!


My Simple Make-Ahead Easter Plan

Did our Easter Plan Work?

Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt

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