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Welcome to Refashion Friday!


The Problem:

A completely "bleh" wardrobe (mostly cold-weather stuff, too) and a clothing budget of just about $0.  If you saw how fast my kids are growing right now, you'd know why my clothing budget is so small.  A secondary problem:  I was getting into a clothing rut.  Everything was starting to look the same, and none of it was very great.

The Mission:

To simultaneously revamp my wardrobe and jolt myself out of a fashion rut, all while spending next to no money.

The Shopping Rules:

1.  Spend no more than 20 minutes in a thrift store.
2.  No single piece of clothing can cost more than $5, preferably much less.
3.  No trying-on.  Yep.  Just see, grab and go.
4.  Take my stash home and turn it into something fabulous.

Here's my first attempt:

Yeah.  This one is a wee bit too big for me.  I decided I wanted a cute tunic, and this is anything but cute right now.  That's nothing a little scissor treatment won't cure...

I decided I wanted my tunic to have a little shirring action going on. 
 First, I cut off the side seams, then I adjusted the front.  

Whoa.  This dress really needed a haircut.  By the time it was all over, I cut about 8 inches from each side (!!!) and about 10 inches from the length on the back.  The front I kept nearly the same length because I needed it for that shirring action, remember?

Then I drug the dress/tunic over to my handy-dandy sewing machine and made a running stitch on side seams of the longer front side.  After a little adjusting of the gathers so that the total front length matched that of the back length, it was ready for a trip through the sewing machine.

Pinned and ready for action.  Oh, no!! A skipped stitch!
Relax.  It's just the gathering stitch.  Everything's gonna be okay.

Zoom. Zoom.

And that was it.  I decided to leave the hemline raw because I was lazy I didn't want added hemline bulk and this is a knit, so it won't fray.  Usually I am meticulous about raw edges, but this is a light, flowy knit and a bulky hem really wouldn't have been a good idea.  Honest.

And here it is:

Now, isn't that better?

I'm a bit funny about showing my naked shoulders in public, so I grabbed a cardigan, and out I went. Here's a pic with my shoulders in hiding:

See?  Wasn't that fun?

So what do you think of our very first Refashion Friday?  Love it?  Hate it?  Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day!


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