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From Pillow Case to Hero Cape - Refashion

From Pillow Case to Super-Hero in about 20 minutes!
Today, my refashion is a little different, because I had a small person who needed some "hero" in her little life.  I needed something fast, because little heroes can't stand around waiting.  They have super-powers that need flexing.

I grabbed a pillow case from the depths of the linen storage.  This one has glowing stars.  How cool is that?

I cut off the top and side seams and opened it out.   Then I cut it down into a rectangle that wouldn't drag while my little hero ran.  No hero wants a dragging cape.  It interferes with their super-powers.

I hemmed the sides and made a casing at the top.

Zoom. (Heroes and sewing machines can zoom, you know.)

Next, I took some of the fabric I had cut off and made a strip.  I turned the strip inside out and gave it a trip under the machine.  This tube will be the hero cape ties, you know, to hold the cape on as she flies.

I turned the tube right side out, pressed and finished the ends.  Then I attached a safety pin (it makes it easier to get the tube/tie thingy through the casing.

Once I got the tie through the casing, I pushed the casing part into a gathered bunch in the center of the tie and tacked it down with stitches (and I removed the safety pin.  But you already knew that, right?).  This will give the cape some shape and keep little heroes from pulling the tie out of the casing (a pet peeve of mine).

Then I captured my little hero and tied the cape on around her neck.  She looks remarkably like a Hobbit starting out on a journey...

Then I watched my super-hero run around performing heroic deeds to save our yard from all that is unpleasant.  All told, this took me maybe 20 minutes.  That seems pretty heroic to me.

Now I'm off to go save my house from the destruction caused by my arch-enemy -- The Dreaded Dust-Bunny!!  Dreaded Dust-Bunny lives very close to Mt. Laundry-More and even closer to Teen-Bedroom-Land.  It's a frightening part of the world, but I am courageous and I have my side-kick "Little Super-Hero Girl" to help me. 

Have a great day!


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