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Jungle Dress Refashion


Guess what, folks.  It's that time again!

This time, I needed something really quick.  All my refashions so far took less than an hour, but I only had about 20 minutes.  What's a girl to do?

 I scanned my refash-stash and found this:

Not long enough to be a maxi.  Not short enough to be a mini.  So, what is this?  A Calfie?  
Calves belong in the barn, not in my closet.  
It certainly isn't going to work as is, but I figured I could transform it in under 20 minutes.

I grabbed my trusty scissors and went to work.  First, I had to stop the Calfie in it's tracks.
Snip, snip.

Ahh.  Better.  Now Jungle Thing is tunic length.

While I was doing dress-surgery, I got rid of those side tie thingies.  Bye-Bye, Side-Tie-Thingies.  I don't need you anymore.  And to you oh-so-helpful shoulder hanger things that always manage to peek out my neck hole to see what's going on.  You are just way too social to be living in my clothes.  
Bye-bye, Weirdness.

I was too hurried to do any side chopping.  I turned the Jungle Thing inside out and sent it straight under the Machine of Doom.  Thrift store finds fear my machine.  My beast can tame ugly thrift store finds with it's hands tied behind it's back.  
It uses it's feet.  
(HAA! Get it? -- It's feet!  Bwahahaha.  Don't throw any rotten tomatoes, kay?)

I was careful not to make this too fitted because there are no zippers or buttons.  I needed to leave enough room to get it over my big head (and shoulders, etc.)  I'll use a belt later to finish nipping in that waist.

All that's left is the hemline.  I double folded and pressed...

Then I sent it to the machine.

I did a little double stitching for fun, because I had time leftover.

And here is the finished product:

Total cost:  $0.55
Total time:  About 20 minutes.
Total number of model agencies calling me:  0

Have a great day!


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