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A Google-mania Faux-Paux


Have you noticed that things have been a little...er...quiet around here for the last 2 weeks?

That wasn't supposed to happen.

You see, we went on a family vacation, but everything was supposed to keep on chugging along here at Gallimaufry Grove while I was away.  I wrote like a wild woman before I left and scheduled lots of posts to go live while I was gone.  

It will be great, I said.
They won't even notice I'm gone, I said.
I'll tell them all about it when I get back, I said.
They will think I am so clever, I said.

But there was a little problem in my carefully laid plans.
A Google Problem. 
(cue scary music)
And because we were on the backside of nowhere, stranded on a remote beach with no internet access or even cell phone access, I was lazily laying on the beach thinking happy thoughts while you were scratching your heads and wondering if I had been abducted by aliens. 

I was fine, but I think the Google people that do the blog scheduling stuff may have been abducted.
Not a single thing posted while I was gone.  Nothing.  Nada.


So now I have Refashion Friday posts that didn't post on Friday.  Or even "but still on Tuesday".  (If your kids didn't make you watch the LEGO movie, you will have no idea why I said that.  It's okay.  Feel free to just go on with your life.)  And I have other posts.  Lots of other posts.

Speaking of life going on, I'm back.  Life can continue on as usual now.  
Thanks for waiting for me.

Have a Great Day!


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