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Alice Goes Green Refashion

Oh, look, it's Refashion Friday.  Except it's not Friday.  But it's still a Refashion, so it counts, right?  For more information on why you are seeing a Refashion Friday post on (perish the very thought) a Saturday, I tell all about it in this post.  But now on to our post...


Alice Goes Green Refashion

As in the Alice in Wonderland dress gets a makeover and all the other dresses in my closet go green with envy.  Remember this Easter dress?

Here is another shot of the ridiculous Alice in Wonderland dress.  I stand in a ridiculous dress laughing ridiculously.  I'm sure it was funny -- whatever I'm laughing at.  I'm probably laughing at myself and wondering how I became this desperate.  But I digress...

It hung in the closet in shame for two years.  Two Years!!  I would. not. wear it.  I felt like a ridiculous little girl in it.  The Easter hat and gloves only added to it's utter ridiculousness.  I mean, just look at this print!!  It screams "Shower Curtain at Grandma's" or worse, "Shower Cap at Grandma's."  It's a closet disgrace.


Why did I buy it in the first place, you ask?  Because I was super, super busy that year and had no time to shop.  I had a few minutes to grab something after everyone else had picked over the good stuff (I could only hit one shop and had about 15 minutes to find, try on and buy an Easter dress.  Oh the life of a lady of leisure...)  I came home with something that was only fitting for high tea in Wonderland.  Until now.  Because:

 (I'll say "sometimes on Friday" because I have no idea if I will be able to refashion every week.  Things get busy around here.)

This dress was already a little snug, reminding me that I should go on a serious diet and lose, I don't know, 150 pounds.  Except I don't actually weigh 150 pounds, so that would put me in the negative numbers.  And nobody likes a negative person, so no.  I won't be doing that.  But being a snug dress, and not being a style that would look good with racer stripes, I didn't need to do any sewing on this one.  Unless I sew a corset.  Now that might work....

Anyway, I grabbed some handy dandy dye.  I mixed Kelly Green and Olive Green to come close to the green already on the dress, and to (hopefully) tone down that bright, girly pink.

There you go, Alice in Wonderland dress.  Go drown your shame in a little of this:

That's it.  Rinse, dry, do not repeat.

While is still isn't my favorite dress (Shhh.  Don't tell the dress.), it is definitely a little more grown-up and worthy to come out of the closet and play.

Here it is with the shoulders all covered up and respectable:

And look, Pickle-Mickle isn't even afraid she'll fall into a rabbit hole if she touches it.  Alice has gone back to Wonderland and left...uh-oh.  She left a St. Patrick's Day dress!?!  I choose not to think about that right now....

Have a great day!


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