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School Teacher Jumper Refashion


I'm pretty sure my 2nd grade school teacher wore this dress.  (Only hers had pictures of snowmen all over it.  'Cuz it was winter. And we needed to learn the seasons.  Or something.)  At any rate, putting this dress on made me look like a tired 40-something school teacher.  Wait.  I kind of am a tired 40-something school teacher.  Oh, never mind.

Whether I looked tired because I put on the dress, or the dress looked tired because I put it on, I knew something needed to be done.  This School Teacher needed to find her younger self.  A perky retro-60's school girl was lurking in there somewhere, and I was on a mission to find her.

First, I needed to get rid of some of that length.  I flipped it inside out, made a few marks and started cutting.  Chop, chop:

Then I needed to take a few inches off the sides.  I wanted it a little more fitted through the top, but I wanted to get a bit of an A-line look through the skirt.  This jumper was pretty straight up and down, so I needed to do a little restructuring.  I took in about 3 inches from each side down to where it hits my waist, then I tapered back to the original side seams gradually (starting the taper at the hips and ending the at the hemline.)  That created a slight A-line effect.

All that was left was the hemline:

Tada! All done.  I paired it with a crisp white shirt, some boots and a belt, and the tired teacher woke up.

Have a great day!


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