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Men's Scarecrow Shirt Refashion


I nabbed this cool men's Abercrombie shirt for less than a dollar -- actually, it was about $0.51.  The fabric is a nice sturdy woven plaid.  Perfect for fall.  Except that it is just a tad too big.  As in, I look like a scarecrow in this crazy thing.

It looks like it's time for another installment of Refashion Friday, except that it isn't Friday...

I was in the mood for a "Big Shirt," just not this big.
The first order of business was to turn this beast into something that looks like a girl.  I took a huge amount in from the sides.  I couldn't just follow the lines of the original shirt here, because there were no contours -- it was just a straight up and down guy's shirt.  I took the shirt in from wrist to hemline, creating a waistline as I went.  I suggest using sewing chalk to sketch your seam on the shirt first.  You can lay a button up shirt you like on top to give you an idea how much you need to take in and where to put the waist.

There was a lot of bulk in the back of the shirt due to a pleat just under the shoulder yoke in typical men's shirt fashion.  I really don't need any extra bulk added, believe me.  I pressed the pleat down to the waist and carefully pinned it in place (please ignore the magnet covered refrigerator photobomb):

Here's a close-up:

Then I stitched the pleat down using four rows of stitching.  That way it would look like a design feature while eliminating the bulk.  Sneaky, huh?

Then I grabbed my boots and a belt and shouted, "Yee Haw!"  Okay, so I didn't really say "Yee Haw," but I was happy that I was done.  Or at least I thought I was done.  Now I'm thinking about giving this shirt a whole new neckline.  In other words, this shirt may make a Refashion Friday Reappearance.  Would that make it a Refashioned Refashion Friday?  

Anyway, here is the side-by-side:

Have a great day!


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