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First Ever Guest Refashion!

Today is a day for the logbooks, folks!  Today I present to you our very first ever 
Guest Refashion.
And this isn't just any guest refashion either.  Oh no.  Just you wait and see.

Meet my young protege!

This is one of my kids' friends.  We will call him...  Creighton.  Yes.  Let's call him that.
Creighton had a little dilemma.  It seems that his youth group is having a Thanksgiving dinner next week and all the teens have to come in a costume or go hungry.  (We have harsh rules in our youth group.  Snicker.)  So Creighton scoured his hip-teen-closet and couldn't find a single pilgrim shirt.  Not even one.  Odd, huh?

So he scoured the local thrift store.  They didn't have one either.  I know, right?  
What is this world coming to?

But Creighton isn't one to be intimidated by modern clothing.  I mean, he does marital arts.  He could just karate chop a shirt into costume compliance.

And so he did.

He bought a huge men's dress shirt so that it would have historically appropriate blousy sleeves when he was done.  Then he got to work.

Yes, folks.  That is a cool teenage guy with a sewing machine.  Please hold your daughters back.  
He's  underaged.

After stitching up the side seams to keep the shirt from swallowing him whole, he had his blousy sleeves.  Teen fashion will never be the same.

I can hardly wait to see the rest of his outfit next week.  I am so proud!
If you were ever thinking that sewing up a refashion was too difficult, Creighton has just proved you wrong.  So get out there and storm the thrift stores!

Have a great day!


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