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Where in the World is Angela?


Okay, so I had all these visions of writing amazing, long awaited posts that would totally change your life this week.  

My life, however, had different plans. 

 For starters, I have been super busy this week.  Busier than usual, that is.  There were birthday parties. Yes, that's plural.  Then there was a costume party at our youth group this week (featuring cool historical costumes, lots of food, weapon jousting, and the Virginia Reel.  Everybody should have a youth group like that.)  My kids have a piano recital tonight (complete with fancy dresses, spiffy ties, nervous butterflies and a squirmy preschooler to keep quiet.) Through it all, we still have to keep up with our regular responsibilities of homeschool, church and family.  (I did have the foresight to reschedule an orthopedic appointment, at least.  We'll take that on some other time, thanks.)  

I had planned to change your life with the written word during the little snippets of time I had between all the rest of my crazy life.  But no.  Those were the times our internet service decided to go AWOL.  That's right, folkies.  I am slamming this out during the brief moments we have working internet service out here in the boonies.  Click your heels together and say, "There's no place like working internet.  There's no place like working internet..."

Anyway, since my brain is entirely too scrambled to collect those life changing thoughts, let me dish up some costumes instead:

Oh, lookie!  We have ourselves a Stockridge Militia Indian.

He's all ready to join the Revolutionary War and drive out those Redcoats.

Don't mess with him.  He looks pretty fearsome.  He's probably rushing to the defense of this lovely Daughter of Liberty:

And I can see why he would.  I mean, check out that HAIR!

Despite the crazy week, we have had a lot of fun.  Maybe I can get out those life changing posts next week.  You know, when I'm not busy performing the Great Turkey Carcass Dive.  (A.K.A. stuffing a turkey.)  

Have a great day!


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