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Merry Christmas!!


Above are some pictures of the activities that have going on at our house, but just in case the above montage has you thinking that we just sit around singing carols softly, let me show you some more pictures from our house:

Yes, folks.  Christmas is serious business around here.

But wait!  There's more!

Rocket Boy put together a little Christmas video for you.
 (It clocks in at under 30 seconds.  I guess he has a short attention span or something.)
Please don't ask me to tell you the deeper meaning of this little film.  He's eleven.  I don't think there is a deeper meaning.  Unless he's making the case for fainting as a national pastime.  There's a lot of fainting for such a short video.  If you watch this too many times in a row, you may faint, too.
Enjoy.  Or spend your holiday perplexed, whichever the case may be.

Christmas at our house.  Always an adventure.

Don't forget, Gallimaufry Grove was nominated for Best Variety Blog.  
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Have a Very Merry Christmas.
I'll see you next week,


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