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Instrument Flight Rating and other unrelated tidbits.


It's been quiet here on the blog.  When the blog is quiet, it usually means my life is extra busy.  Go figure.  I tell you this so that you'll be merciful when I don't write.  It's my way of making excuses.  My latest excuses are as follows:

Excuse Number One:  Last week, my hubster completed his IFR pilot rating (instrument flight rules).  For those of you who aren't involved in general aviation, that's kind of a (majorly) big deal.  He's been a VFR pilot (visual flight rules) for awhile, and that's great if all you do is fly around your neighborhood on sunny Saturdays.  But he does cross country flying.  You really need to be able to fly in marginal conditions if you actually want to get anywhere.  So on top of pastoring, he has been studying and flying under the hood.  So, yeah, we haven't exactly seen him much lately.  But after a 6 hour (!!!) oral and flight test with a DPE, he's DONE!!  So of course, we partied.  And I made a raspberry cobbler with clouds and a plane, since now he can legally fly in the clouds (and because he loves cobbler).  I did the best I could to make a pastry plane.  Don't judge.

Total aside for the GA nerds folks like us:  His plane is the one he's hanging onto in the top picture, because it would have been really weird for him to drape himself on somebody else's plane.  We keep it in a hangar in town, but in the picture, it is parked on the little strip by our house.  No, you don't want to land here unless you like landing in the trees on a short, bumpy strip with a hillside at the end and water everywhere else.  And no, it isn't a grass strip, you just have to tie down on the grass.  And yes, birds are a problem, but not nearly the problem that deer and local people mindlessly walking on the strip are.  You literally have to shoo them off the strip before landing.  Kind of funny.  And the plane is a Beechcraft Musketeer.

Excuse Number Two:  I am up to my earlobes in year-end school stuff as I scramble to finish the year well.  There is no place like summer, there is no place like summer...

Excuse Number Three:  I am up to my eyelids in making cute little gifts to give all the mother's in our church for Mother's Day next week.  I don't know how much longer I can make them things.  As the church grows, it gets more and more impractical.  But for now, I am content.  I would tell you what I'm making them, but some of them read this blog, and then they would know.  They would tell their friends, who would post it on Facebook.  Then their friends would share it.  It would go viral and 50,000 women would show up on Sunday to collect their gift. There is no way I can make 50,000 of these.  So you will have to wait until after Mother's Day to see what I did.  But when I show you, I will not only show you pictures, I will give you instructions.  That way you can make some, too.

And that's all the news I will bore your eyes with for today.

Have a great day!


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