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My Discombobulated Mother's Day...and a video

How was your Mother's Day?  I hope it was fabulous -- which for me, generally involves laying around like a slug and doing absolutely nothing.  So, I guess that means I hope you looked like a slug on Mother's Day...  what?  Oh, never mind.

My Mother's Day was, er... interesting.  First of all.  It fell on a Sunday.  It seems like that happens every. single. year.  Who plans these things!?!  Obviously not a pastor's wife, because Sundays are WAY too busy to be throwing in a celebration.  In addition to our regular church service, I conducted 2 prayer services, gave gifts to all our church moms and helped hunt down the only restaurant in our city that didn't have an hour + waiting line.  Then my daughter's car broke down (like really broke down, as in, rendered itself un-driveable.)  So the evening was spent skipping dinner to find and retrieve my teens.  There was no time for partying.  When things finally settled down, my kids gave me this card:

Translation:  19.62 Ways You Have Mentally Discombobulated Us
Why 19.62?  Because there are 19 completely silly faces, and if you look closely, you'll see one that is slightly more than 1/2 finished, hence the ".62".

Yup.  I have totally messed up my kids.
If you are completely flabbergasted that my kids would make a card like this for their sweet, adoring, gentle mother, you should read this post.  It explains everything.  I deserved it.

And in case you are still confused, I happen to love this card.  It's awesome!  Which shows you just how twisted I really am.  And for the record, they also made me this absolutely beautiful card, so you can rest your ruffles:

And even though Mother's Day is over, I just had to share this amazing video with you.  In this video, people were interviewing for what they thought was a job offer for "Director of Operations".  When they heard the requirements for the job, the interviewees responded with shock and bewilderment.  They thought the job was impossible, cruel and inhumane.  Then they heard that millions of people had already accepted the job for no pay.  When they heard who those people were, they responded with thankfulness and tears.  If you are a mom, or if you've ever met a mom this video is a must see. (And as my husband said on Sunday, if you have a belly button, you have a mom, so you've probably met at least one).  Enjoy!

Have a great day!
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