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Are You Guilty of Comparing Yourself to a False Standard?

Looked at any magazines lately?  Seen any videos or movies?  Did you walk away feeling better about yourself?  Or did you vow to stop eating food and exercise more?  Did you walk away feeling more or less valuable than before you had seen those images?  Were you more satisfied with your life?  Or less?

Yeah.  I thought so.

It is in advertisers best interest to make you feel inadequate.  Why?  Because they have a product to sell you that promises to make you look more like the image you just saw.  Except that those images aren't even real.  They are manufactured.  Not just the pictures, either.  Movies and videos, too.  Scroll down and I have an amazing video that proves it.

The Bible says that we are not wise to compare ourselves to others (2 Corinthians 10:12), but in our society, comparison runs rampant.  We are taught by advertising and media that there is a gold standard, and if we want to be valuable, we'd better meet that standard no matter what it takes.  An increasing number of people are falling victim to the evils of trying to meet that standard.  They spend too much money on products promising to help them meet the standard. They fall victim to eating disorders.  What used to be considered a teenage girls' disease is now common among middle aged women and even men.  Cosmetic surgery is considered par for the course in some countries, and increasingly, our own.  What we have (whether it's our bodies or our possessions) is never enough because it doesn't meet the standard that has been set before us.  Our culture has taught us that our value isn't in who we are, but what we look like.  Is it any wonder that depression and suicide are on the rise?

But is that standard even realistic?  Do the people we see in movies, videos and pictures really look like they seem?  What do they look like before the make-up artists and lighting technicians get to them?  What do they look like before they are photo-shopped to perfection?  Is that "perfection" standard even a healthy standard?  Can it exist outside the editing room?

This video shows what happens in the editing department of a music video.  And it isn't a still shot.  They are editing her while she moves.  She's pretty to begin with, but when they get done with her, she's perfect.  Unrealistically perfect.

And that's the standard our society now holds.  Unrealistically perfect.

Please watch this video.  Then make your daughters, sons and friends watch it.  Tell them they have value.  Not because they have achieved a standard of perfection, but because they are made in the image of God.  He made them valuable, and He made YOU valuable.  And THAT is worth something.

Don't buy into the lies the media pumps at you.
Believe what God said about you.

Have a great day,


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