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I'm on Better After!!!!


I can hardly believe it, guys!  One of my favity-favorite blogs, Better After by Lindsey, has featured some of my refashions.  And it gets even better!  I'm featured alongside Jillian from ReFashionista (another one of my favorite bloggers) who just happens to be the Refashion Queen that rules the world.

Jillian is so amazing and totally famous -- as in, TV shows call her up to do segments.  For real. They aren't even joking.

And Better After's Lindsey has rock bands stop by her house to do gigs for her and chain stores beg her to feature them on her blog.  These women have completely burned my eyeballs out with their glaring cool factor.  And then there's my face next to theirs. You'd might want to hop over and see my shooting-star-moment-of-fame, 'cuz it probably won't last long...

So now I'm feeling guilty that it's been so long since I did a refashion.  I'm wavering between euphoria and guilt.  I'm not sure which I'll land on, but whichever it is (probably guilt and a new refashion to appease it), it may have to wait a couple weeks because I'm totally swamped right now...

Have a great day!


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