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The Declutterer's Dilemma


You know how I told you I was embarking on a Declutter the House journey?  Yeah.  Well, about that... I might be a little disillusioned.

I see all those Pinterest Pins about people who declutter their entire house and life in under an hour.  I see the pictures of perfect homes with perfectly functioning spaces.  I see those closets with color coordinating outfits that fit and flatter.  I see it all and I am jealous.  How on earth do these women manage it while still managing the REST of their lives?  But maybe that's just it.  Maybe we are only seeing the part that worked.  Maybe it's selective posting.

Here is my reality: I have been on a decluttering rampage since early last summer.  Truck loads of junk have left my house.  Whenever I can sneak some time in, I declutter.  So many loads have been packed up and taken away that I've lost track of how many.  Yet my house still. feels. cluttered.

It might have something to do with the fact that we pack 4 kids, 2 parents, 2 offices, a homeschool, a real food kitchen and a zoo of pets in our smallish space.  It may be that some of my people have a hard time letting go of things they don't use or care about.  It may be that I just have cabin fever.  Whatever it is, I don't like it much.  I crave simple, open spaces.

So I keep decluttering, one piece at a time.  Perhaps one day, I will feel like I am finally finished.  It won't happen in a one-week-Pinterest-worthy-wonder, though.  I am going to have to just keep plugging along until things finally feel uncluttered.

Next stop in my declutter journey:  The books.  This is probably the hardest one for me.  I have a personal relationship with every single book on my shelves.  Some of them I love.  Some I hate.  But I have a relationship with them ALL.  And there are THOUSANDS of them.  I have been putting it off for too long...

What about you?  Have you jumped on the Declutter Bandwagon?  Where are you on your journey and how is it going?  Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this is a painfully slow process.

Have a great day!


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