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Getting Started with Essential Oils -- First 6 Essential Oils to Buy


If you are just getting started with Essential Oils, my last post might have had you thinking "Wowzers!!!  I could never do that!"  Have no fear.  I didn't start with all those oils, either.  It took me many years to go that hard core.  Essential oils can be so much simpler than my favorite essential oil blends.

In fact, with just 6 Essential Oils, you can do just about anything you might want to do.  You can gradually add other oils to your stash as you go.  For many years, these 6 oils were the only ones in my cabinet.  With them I made cleaners, salves, skin care products and even brought down fevers. 

What follows is just a few of the ways you can use these oils.

The First 6 Essential Oils to Buy 

Lavender - add to skin care, gentle enough to use in baby care items, diffuse to calm and relax, add to baths, use as a disinfectant, add to laundry.  Was even diffused in French hospitals during WWI to disinfect .

Lemon -- uplifting, use in skin care to clarify, wonderful in household cleaning products, diffuse

Orange -- uplifting, use in household cleaning products, diffuse

Eucalyptus -- use in household cleaning products, diffuse during times of sickness, stuffiness or breathing issues, add to laundry to kill dust mites.

Peppermint -- a little goes a long way.  Add a drop or two to a foot-soak to freshen and revitalize tired, sore feet, add with lavender to hand or foot salve, add with lemon, orange or eucalyptus to household cleaners, diffuse, add a 2-3 drops to a warm bath to help bring down a fever (or, just add 2-3 drops to a sink full of warm water, use the water with a wash cloth to wipe down the arms, legs, torso and forehead of a child with a fever to help bring the fever down.). Be careful when adding this to baths, soaks, etc.  Peppermint oil is very strong.  At first, you will feel fine, but the longer peppermint oil is on your body, the more it cools until it feels like cold fire.  A couple drops is wonderful.  10-20 drops will have you begging for mercy.  Just so you know.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca) -- This one is great as a topical treatment for acne, cuts and scratches and to add to household cleaners.  I have even heard that you can add a few drops to your shampoo to prevent lice (which might be a good thing to try if you work with kids in a church or school.)

For more information and recipes, check out the following links:

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When my recipes call for other oils, you can usually substitute with these oils according to their uses.  Just decide what you want the recipe to do, and choose (or mix) these oils accordingly.  These 6 oils will hold you for a long time.

Have a great day!


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