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So, I'm Doing the Whole30 Pt.4 -- Food Boredom


I'm still here, and so (thankfully) is all my brood.  I am no longer sporting 3 heads and breathing fire, but now I'm dealing with something else.  Read on to see how my Whole30 Week 3 went:

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Whole30 -- Week 3

Days 15 -16 --  I feel normal. Not amazing like they promised.  Just normal.  I want chocolate.  I'm bored with salads.  I want bread.  I'm bored with broiled meat.  I want sushi.  Oh, sushi, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways...

Day 17 -- Full-throttle food boredom has set in.  I am flat sick of salads and meat.  I know I could be having much more variety, but then I would need time to actually cook all that variety.  Have you ever noticed how many food bloggers are single?  At the very most they might be married and maybe have one child.  But there aren't too many with four or more kids and even fewer who homeschool those kids.  There are reasons for this.  So if you wanna do the Whole30, send the kids to boarding school first, or prepare to deal with a severe case of food boredom.

Day 18 --  I. Hate. This. Diet.  If I have to look at another salad, I think I will scream.  Scream, I tell you.  I want to eat something else.  Anything else.  Something besides protein and produce.  I want to go off this diet.  I want to eat rice.  Or oatmeal.  Or yogurt.  Why. Am. I. Doing. This!?!

Days 19 & 20 -- I feel much, much better.  My hunger feels normal -- like when I was a kid.  I'm hungry, but stable.  I want food, but I don't have to have food.  If I miss a meal (as I unintentionally did today when ministry got in the way of eating), I don't go into full hypoglycemic crash mode.  I'm still categorically tired of meat and salads, but I know that is because I'm not taking the time to make myself more variety.  The Whole30 book has a wonderful avocado and tuna salad recipe that I use as a dip for cucumber slices -- Yum.  So there's that.  And I usually cook a full blown meal with compliant sides and the works for dinner.  I do miss the variety of grains, though.  And I miss yogurt.  And I miss sushi.  A lot.  

On another note, if you plan to do this, make sure you don't have anything fabulous on your calendar.  I will be eating a very sparse Easter dinner this year, and I recently found out our annual board meeting has been scheduled during my Whole30.  Our board meeting is a celebration of all that God has done for us over the past year.  We take our board to a nice restaurant as a thank you for their all their help.  The place we're going serves the most delicious Chocolate Creme Brûlée.  It is so heavenly that I have been thinking about it all year.  All.Year.  For the record, the date had not been set when I started the Whole30, or I would have waited to start.  I would have never purposefully missed my Creme Brûlée.  Sniff.  At that point, though, I will be only days from completing the Whole30.  I can't let myself fail when I am so close to the finish line.  As if to drive the spike of denial in deeper, the board meeting falls on April Fool's Day.  Yeah.  Thanks for reminding me that I feel like a fool for doing my Whole30 during the board meeting.  But don't mind me.  I'll just sit over here crunching on my carrot while you enjoy the Creme Brûlée. Double Sniff.

Day 21 --Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, so I spent the day cooking food I cannot eat.  Sigh.  Otherwise, the day went well and three weeks are over.  Only 9 more days to go.  That's 216 hours.  In case you were wondering.

That's my week.  Food.  Thinking about food.  Avoiding food.  Craving food.  Being repulsed by food.  I'm kinda tired of food now.  There has to be something more interesting to spend this much time on.  So how about you?  Your life is bound to be more interesting than mine is right now.  
Have a great day eating your yummy food!

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