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So, I'm doing the Whole30 - Pt.3


I just completed my second week of the Whole30.  Let's just say it wasn't pretty.  Here's how it went:

Part 1
Part 2

Whole30 - Week 2

Day 8 -- Everything is fine, as far as food goes.  I try to think along the lines of protein and produce.  Practically all the protein and produce I was eating before Whole30 was compliant anyway.  It was the sides and desserts and condiments that were getting me.  I try to make sure I eat enough at meal times so that I won't need a snack between meals, but I don't stress if I need a Whole30 compliant snack.  

In other news:  The rash is back.  It is super mild.  It could be detox, or it could be a Keto rash.  I am adding in more potatoes, just in case it's a Keto rash.  If it is just detox, it will go away on its own, but if I'm putting myself in ketosis, I need more carbs.  I like carbs.  Why wait to add a few more?

As far as how I feel:  I want to go on a very long trip all by myself.  Maybe I'm just irritable because I'm so sugar-deprived.  Or maybe it's because I have never, ever gone on a trip by myself since I got married over 20 years ago.  Never.  Not even for visits.  Not ever.  Before I got married, I used to hop on planes and go to Europe or Africa all by my little self without a second thought.  I would jump in a car and drive somewhere out of state just to see what was there.  Now, I can't even go out alone at night.  To the STORE.  Sigh.  The only trips I've taken in the last 20+ years involve keeping the peace, handling the boredom and feeding the stomachs of a whole troop of people.  Is it the whole 30, or is it the fact that I've had to lay aside a whole part of my being?  Not sure.  Don't care.  Wanna go.

Day 9 -- Grrrr.  Just. Grrrr.  I'm mad at everybody.  So, Grrr.  I'm pretty sure I snapped at everything that moved today.  I don't think anybody actually acted any differently than usual, I just called them out on it.  It kind of threw everyone.  I'm usually the one smoothing everyone's ruffled feathers.  Today, I actually told them when they were being ridiculous.  And I don't care that I did.  Grrr.  The Whole30 people said I would want to chomp everyone's head off.  They were right.  Grrr.  And if you get any closer, I will eat you for my midnight snack. Chomp.Chomp.  (On the bright-ish side, they're family.  They may not like me, but they can't fire me.  Take that.  Chomp.)

Day 10 --  I'm hungry.  H-U-N-G-R-Y.

I still don't want to hang around Homo sapiens.  Three of my brood are out for the day (smart choice on their part), leaving me (aka- The She-Beast) with just two brave off-spring to get on my very short nerves.  I sent them to opposite corners of the house to do school work because I want them to live.

Day 11 -- I am feeling a little less like Grendel's mother today, and I am happy to report that the rash is gone.  Enough about that.  Let's move on, shall we?

I am still pretty hungry, but I'm holding out until meal times.  I haven't needed a snack to survive.  However, if I have lost a single ounce, I can't tell it. I feel sort of puffy and bloated.  Maybe it's water retention.  I have read that the body will retain water during cell repair, so maybe it's a good thing.  (This is me, trying to be hopeful.) All I can say is that I had better have lost some serious weight by the time this is over, or the people who inflicted this Whole30 madness on the internet world might have to deal with Grendel's mother.  Just saying.

I hit the fruit pretty hard the last couple days, and I ate a ton (actually, a large handful) of almonds the other day, because I couldn't get my dinner until 8:30.  So I am going to try to be a little more moderate with the fruit and nuts.  I think I may be using them as a crutch.  Not that I don't need a crutch.  A crutch is actually very comforting, thank you.  Especially when it involves a bowl full of fruit topped with nuts.

As a side note, in the book, the authors give a "what to expect" daily log.  It forewarns you when you will want to tear everyone apart with your bare hands, when you will want to eat the refrigerator, and when you will barely be able to get out of bed.  I seem to be tracking about 5 days behind their predictions.  Does that mean I need to make this a Whole35!?!  AAaaarrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!

Day 12 --  I'm feeling much more like a stable human being now.  Hopefully I am acting more like one.  I am hungry at meal times, but pretty much okay otherwise.  I feel very nourished.  I imagine I am getting much more nutrition than usual since I am eating so. much. produce.  I don't have the boundless energy the Whole30 people predict, but I don't want to kill anyone, so it's all good.

Day 13 -- Today was remarkably unremarkable.  I don't know if I can say the worst is over, but I think I can safely say that no one is going to die. Except when my son made homemade tortilla chips with fresh guacamole.  I almost died.  It smelled SOOO good.  (Is it weird that I'm sniffing people's food?  Wait.  Don't answer that.)

Day 14 --  Another decent day.  I'm hungry, but easily last until meal time.  I've been seriously wanting a luscious dessert, but am able to endure the denial (I think I can.  I think I can.).  I still don't have the amazing energy they predicted, and if my skin is glowing, I sure can't tell.  But, I no longer think I am likely to die from this experiment.  And oh look!  Another week is over!!!!  I'd like to celebrate with my head buried in a bag of chocolate, but I'll have to content myself with a cucumber instead.  Sigh...

Three things that are making this a little easier:  

1.  I make sure to include enough carbs.  I don't do well on low-carb.  Tried it.  Felt terrible. (I don't mean I tried it for 2 weeks and felt terrible while my body adjusted.  I mean I was on it for months.  Things just went from bad to worse.  I could hardly walk across the room by the end of it.)  I'm not trying to turn the Whole30 into an Atkins diet.  I don't need to carb binge, which also makes me feel terrible, but I don't need low carb, either.  So I eat fruit, plenty of veggies and a (gasp) white potato here and there.  

2.  I make sure I am getting enough fat.  I eat avocados, coconut anything, and make my own Whole30 compliant salad dressings to go on all those salads I'm eating.  This is a major key to feeling satisfied at meals.  Besides, if you are slaying the sugar beast, you have to give your body something to run on.

3.  I eat lots of protein.  Lots.  Protein helps you build muscle, stabilize blood sugar levels, feel full and last between meals.  I. Eat. Protein.

A bonus thing to make it easier (where I wax eloquent about why we eat junk):  I don't even bother to think about what I wish I could have, what I want to have, what I will have when this is over.  Okay, maybe I do a little, but that kind of thinking isn't doing me any favors.  Instead, I try to think about all the things I CAN have, and all the wonderful ways I can prepare it.  This is deeply nourishing, satisfying food.  We have just trained ourselves to live on junk food and associate food indulgences with emotional well-being.  If we are honest, our bodies don't really NEED that donut.  It doesn't make our BODY feel better.  We are giving that donut to our mind and emotions.  And we are giving our mind and emotions a whopping guilt side dish to go with the donut.  I don't need any more guilt, thanks.  I'm trying to learn other ways to nourish my mind and emotions while I nourish my body with healthy, real food.


I've got lots of other things to talk about besides the Whole30.  Are you totally sick of hearing my Whole30 woes?  Let's say I share something totally un-food-related in my next post?  'Cuz I am sick of thinking about food.  I'll share the last half of the Whole30 later, for those of you who are interested, but let's have a change of scenery here on the ol' blog.

And if I come and sniff your chocolate wrapper, you'll understand, won't you?

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Have a great day!


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