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You Know You're a Homeschooler When...



You know you're a homeschooler when you are working on inference with your 5 year old and she comes back with answers like these:

She was supposed to infer the meaning of each given sentence (I didn't make her write out her reasons because, hello, she's five.)

Notice what she inferred from the sentence, "He put on a suit and tie."  She assumed that meant, "He's on his way to church."

I suppose that could be because her Daddy is a pastor, and not because she's homeschooled.  Let's move on...

This time, she was supposed to infer the meaning of, "The kids just left for school."  She inferred, "It's late afternoon."  Late afternoon!?!  

True, we don't always start on time, but I'm pretty sure we have never started after lunch.  

Perhaps I should start school at 5am from now on, just so she's sure we don't start in the late afternoon.  Humph.

I think I'd better put inference on the shelf for a little while, just to salvage my morale.

Silly little stinker.

Have a great day,


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