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Frodo! Don't, It's a Trap!!

In case you were wondering what ever happened to Shelob, she is currently living at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  Now you know.  Your welcome.

I had to resist the nearly unbearable urge to shout "Look out, Frodo!!" to these poor, oblivious people.  I sure hope they have their little bottle of Elvish light with them, 'cuz that is not a good place for a stroll.  

And yes, I know my post tag line is kind of Lord of the Star Wars, or Star Wars of the Rings.  But if you know who Shelob is, I figured you'd probably know the Star Wars part, too. (And know who said it, to whom they said it and how many storm troopers were on their tails at the time.  I love you people!!) 

Have a great day!


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