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Never Trust a Dieting Woman with Holiday Food

If you've been following Gallimaufry Grove, you know I've been doing the Whole30.  You also know that I had to prepare the Easter Holiday meal that I could not eat.

Prepare your culinary senses to be violated, because you are about to find out what happens when a dieting woman has to prepare a holiday meal.

Everything started off innocently. (Cue the Hallmark music).  I made lovely little Easter Bunny Rolls....

Except that my family thought they looked kind of like snails.  So I guess they were snail bunnies.  Or Snunnies.  Or Bunails.  Anyway.  I decided to just go with it.  I made snails...

And then I made Squid.  Because, I don't know.  Easter Squid.  Surely that makes sense somewhere.

And that's when I knew that a dieting woman should never be put in charge of holiday food.  
You have been warned.

Have a great day!


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