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Goals -- Beating the Giants in Your Head

**You can find the rest of this series beginning here.**

I've got some tutorials planned for you, but first, I want to finish up our series on meeting your fitness goals with one more post.

We will start with a very short video (it's only 38 seconds) from the KidFest that our church held in October.  I have always been intimidated by those rock climbing walls.  Every time I pictured myself trying to climb one, my little vision always ended with some variation of me in a massive, humiliated heap at the bottom of the wall.  I can live with a little less humiliation.  I don't need to go seeking it out.

We had a rock climbing wall at our KidFest.  All evening I kept looking at it.  It kept taunting me.  "You can't climb me, " it said.  "If you try, I will knock you off.  I will humiliate you."

Finally, I gathered up all my courage, took a deep breath, and decided to face my fear.

Here is the video:

And the very best part?  The highlight of my fitness journey?  The moment when I came down from the wall and heard my teenage son calling my name.  When I looked up, he was grinning at me and giving me the thumbs up sign.  My teenage son was proud of me.  Ah, the bliss!!

The rock wall giant has been slain.  Now I am working on that "What will I be like when I'm 80" giant.  Here's some inspiration:

This is Bette Calman.  She is 83 years old.  She is doing the Yoga pose called the Peacock here.  Folks, that is an incredibly difficult pose that very few yogis ever manage to do.  And she's smiling.  Amazing.  When she isn't stunning the world with her peacock pose, she is busy teaching 11 yoga classes a week. Eleven.  Take that, giant!

Update:  I totally meant to provide a link to the original blog that featured Bette Calman.  I was in too big a hurry, I guess.  Anyway, here is the link to the blog post featuring this amazing woman and several other people in their 90's.  Inspirational!!

Have funning kicking those giants in your head to the curb!



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