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DIY Gift Bags to Delight & Pamper


For Mother's Day this year, I made all the moms in our church a gift bag filled with 3 special all-natural, pampering skincare items.  These gift bags were great for Mother's Day, but they would also be great for bridal party gifts, new mom gifts or to make for yourself.

I totally meant to have my Mother's Day Gift recipes up on the blog last week.  It took me a little longer than I planned to get those recipes posted, but I finally have them all up.

 I linked them all right here so you can find them in one place -- kind of like one stop shopping, only I don't charge you anything for my recipes, 'cuz I'm nice like that.

Oh, Look!!  Here they are!  Just click the titles and it will take you to the recipes.

Green Tea Sugar Scrub
Luscious Lotion Bars
Nourishing Lip Balm

Have a great day!


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