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Heed the Warnings - Pt.3

Remember the Bucket Label Warning?  And then there was the warning on the fireworks.

Brace yourself for another installment of:

You know how Blendtec and Vitamix Blenders warn you not to fill the blender jar past a certain point?
You know how you can ignore that warning on wimpy, conventional blenders?  
You know how you can always double a blender recipe?

Don't do it on a Blendtec.  
They are much beefier than those other blenders.
Heed the Warning, or THIS will happen:

The innocent Orange Julius I was making for my kids attacked me!
I have 4 kids.  I am also busy.  
Divide multiple kids by a time deficit and it equals doubled and tripled recipes.

Just not in the blender.

 I turned my back for a millisecond.  
Then I heard the fateful "pop" of the lid sky rocketing off.
I slowly turned around.

I could barely take these pictures due to a severe case of hysterics.
It looks like an anemic alien exploded in my kitchen.

Rest assured.  Anemic aliens were removed and kids drank smoothies.  All is well.

I am a wiser woman.

Have a great day!

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